Home Connect


Home Connect is now available on several new Bosch and Siemens appliances. This basically enables you control your appliance from wherever you are via an app.

They have introduced ,initially just for selected freestanding fridge freezers, the ability to log onto your app and see exactly what is in your fridge. Cameras fitted within your fridge mean that when you are shopping you can go on your app, see a photograph of inside your fridge and then you will know if you need any more milk!

Fridge Freezers, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble driers and coffee machines are all available with home connect from Bosch & Siemens.

There are many benefits to the home connect which may not be initially obvious. Bosch and Siemens service team with your help, would be able to remotely check the appliances for you if a fault did ever occur, meaning they could diagnose the problem before even coming out to your home. The video below gives you some more benefits when using their home connect appliances.

For more information on the home connect Bosch or Siemens appliances, please ask one of our team in the showroom.

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