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About DP Interiors

DP Interiors was created by Georgia Mahmood, a British architect graduated from one of the most renowned universities in the United Kingdom. Throughout her career, she has been able to learn a lot of things about interior design, architectural structures, construction and more things that have allowed her to call herself an expert on the matter.

This blog was born with the purpose of sharing content related to housing renovations and general decor so that people all over the world could find a place where experts gave away tips and tricks that would help them create an amazing space to live in or to simply create memories.

Georgia dedicates herself to write articles that explain the basics of construction processes or design theories that help renovate rooms and turn them into incredible spaces. She also shares information that will help readers understand the art of how to decorate a room in the best way possible.

Every article written here is aimed for a general public, so no matter who you are you will be able to perfectly understand all information presented to you. By reading our blog, everyone can become an incredible interior designer for their own places. And create an aesthetical place where memories will be more notable than ever.