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What is Instagram and How Does It Work

Instagram is one of the newest social networking apps which is made for sharing videos and photos from smartphones. With the increase in the use of smartphone and people’s obsession with smartphone photography, Instagram has experienced significant popularity in recent times. It has over 400 million daily users with over 95 million photos and videos shared daily.

Similar to Twitter or Facebook, Instagram provides with a profile and a news feed once you create an account. When you post a video or photo on Instagram, it’ll immediately be displayed on your profile. Instagram users who follow your profile will be able to see your posts in their own news feed. Likewise, you will see photos and videos from other Instagram users whom you follow.

Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? Actually, Instagram is just like a simplified version of Facebook but with an emphasis on visual sharing and mobile use. Just like the other social networks like Twitter and Facebook, you can interact and connect with your friends on Instagram by simply following them, liking, commenting, and messaging them. Now you can even download and save the photos and videos you see on Instagram.

Devices That Work With Instagram

This social network is available for absolutely free on Android and iOS devices. You can also access it on the web from your computer, and even upload and share videos and picture with a third party application.

Creating an Instagram Account

Before you start using the Instagram app, you must create a free account. You can either sign up via your email or through your existing Facebook account. All you require is a password and username. Once you create an Instagram account, you will be asked if you want to follow your Facebook friends who are already on Instagram. You can either do this right away or skip the process and do it later.

It is always a great idea to personalize your profile by adding your photo, your name a short biography and your website link if you have and when you first log into your Instagram account. When you begin following people as well as looking for people to follow your profile back, they will want to know more about you and what you are all about.

Using Instagram as a Social Network

As mentioned above, Instagram is all about mobile use and visual sharing, so the main intention of everybody on Instagram is to find and share only the best videos and photos. Every user profile usually has a “Following” and “Follower” count, which indicates how many people they are following and how many other users are following them.

Every profile typically has a button which you can tap to follow the user. If a person has his or her user profile set to private, they’ll need to approve your request first.
It’s important to know that when your user profile is created and set as public, anyone can search and find your profile, along with all your videos and photos. So, learn how to set your profile to private if your desire is to only want the users you approve to follow you to be able to view your posts.

Interacting on Instagram posts is easy and fun. You can either double tap a post to “like” it or just comment at the bottom. If you want to share it with another person, you can just click the arrow button. If you would like to add or find more friends or specific accounts to follow, you can just use the search area (indicated by the magnifying glass icon) to search through customized posts recommended to you. Also, you can use the search bar to look for specific hashtags or uses.

Instagram to Promote Your Business

Just like Facebook and YouTube, you can use Instagram to promote your business. You can create a business profile and invite people to follow you. Since Instagram involves sharing of photos and videos, you can take advantage of that by creating interesting photos and videos about your business and sharing them. There are even companies or sites that sell Instagram followers. You can buy Instagram views to increase your followers and even rate of conversion.

So, Instagram is just like Facebook and Twitter, except that it focuses more on visual communication than written communication.
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Tips For Hiring a General Contractor For Your Commercial Construction

Retail, medical or office space construction and remodeling projects can either be a huge headache or a smooth undertaking depending on the general contractor you will choose. Things can fast turn for the worse if you choose a contractor who is unskilled, has poor communication or if he fails to understand your needs and the vital aspects specific to your business. In most cases, lowest bid or the cheapest deal may not offer the best value. In this article, we have rounded up five top tips that will help you select the right commercial contractor to ensure your commercial project will be worry-free and successful.

Find Reputable Candidates

Usually, the work of a general contractor is to supervise the construction of a project and therefore they must be knowledgeable, skilled, responsive, easy to communicate with, and professional. You can get a reputable commercial general contractor on the internet, from print advertising or through word of mouth. It’s crucial that you thoroughly screen each candidate, to ensure they are reliable and easy to work with. Ask how long the contractor has been in the business and if they possess experience of doing the type of work you need. If, for instance, you are planning to renovate an office that will remain open during the work, be sure to ask the contractor if he has experience working in occupied spaces to ensure they will exert minimal interruption on your business. Also, if you do not have a plan in mind for your project, you might want to look for a contractor that offers Design-Build services. This will save you time and money.

Check Their Credentials Carefully

You may want to ask for at least 3 references from the previous client and ask them if they were satisfied with the company services and if there was open communication. Also be sure to ask for a copy of the contractor’s license to ensure they are really licenses. You may also want to check the company in BBB to see if any complaints have been filed against them, if they have been involved in any lawsuits or if there is any disciplinary action that has been taken against them by their licensing body. Searching on the Secretary of State’s website of your state is also an excellent resource for this. Also, request information about the company’s insurance and ensure it’s adequate- it should at least include workers compensation and liability insurance. Also, it’s wise to find out if the company is financially stable and pays its bills on time by finding their business credit report.

Get Testimonials and Reviews from Customers

You don’t want to hire a construction company to build your commercial building without knowing their level of customer satisfaction. One way to find out about this is by getting testimonials and reviews from their previous customers. Obtaining and analyzing the necessary reviews and testimonials can help you find out about the reputation of the contractor as well as their customer support. Review sites are superb sources where you can be able to find what present and previous customers are saying about the services of the contractor.

Interview the Contractor

It’s crucial to start the communication process by first interviewing the general Contractor. Ask them how they will supervise the project. Will they put a superintendent on site full time? Also, ask how the company will communicate the information about the ongoing projects and if necessary determine if you would want daily or weekly updates via phone, site meetings or email. Be sure to discuss how much time it will take obtain permits from governmental bodies as this can fluctuate widely.

Do not be Fooled by the Lowest Bid

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of contractors, then it is time to request an estimate from your candidates for your project plans. Ensure that you give all the contractors the same specifications, plans, timeframes, and requirements. Today, most commercial construction contractors remain competitive by reducing their profits. However, a company with a low estimate may have reduced the price because they use substandard construction materials or knowingly omitting some things only to hike up the price later, so be sure that all estimates are covering the same things.  A good example of a company that is using quality materials is if they get them at EasyMerchant or another reputable provider.

By following the above simple tips, you can be sure of a stress-free and successful remodeling project for your retail, office, or medical space.

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3 Low Cost Renovation Projects to Do in 2018

No matter how impressive the looks on a room can be, anyone can grow tired of it, I mean, after seeing the same things over and over again what was once extraordinary can turn into something dull and boring.

The biggest problem is that renovations usually involve spending large amounts of money, which is not very favorable for most of us. However, there are certain ways in which you can completely transform one room without having to spend all your savings while doing it.

Keep reading and you will find out about some low-cost methods to renovate any room so that it turns out being amazing once more.

Wall Painting

You can entirely change the looks of a room by painting its walls, and the difference will surely bring you the satisfaction of having new things, and will make you feel as if you just bought a new place.

Professional painters or helping products are surely one of the best options, but not the most affordable one. But this job can actually be done by yourself, just be sure that you have enough patience to go through the process.

It’s not only about adding color but texture, too. From wallpapers to crown molding. Details will add the charm that you so desperately needed. Upgrade plain and dull to elegant and fun with these methods.

Stair Runners

Go to your nearest home center and buy a low-cost carpet, then proceed to install it on your stairs using DIY techniques and home supplies. Believe me when I tell you that this not only helps to get rid of slippery stairs but also adds a whole lot more color to the interior design

Refinish Wood Doors

Wood doors tend to get ugly due to their constant exposition to exterior agents. By varnishing your doors, you will make your house feel new again. Instead of having to buy a new one, refinish what you have and don’t spend too much money on it. What you will need to have is a lot of patience and in the end your reward will be beautiful looking doors.

Get the house of your dreams for the second time by following these steps that will help you refresh the style of your house. 

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4 Living Room Ideas to Be Aware of This Season

Fashion is not something that exists in clothes and makeup only. Furniture also has its ins and outs. If you want to truly create a space where you can spend time with your loved ones in a trendy and beautiful environment, then keep reading so you follow the latest trends that usually teach you how important details can be.


The best choice of colors for walls is usually something neutral. Minimalist’s lovers tend to use shades between white and greyish tones. However, this season, designers have been creating more and more rooms using more colorful picks, deep violet and a relaxing emerald green seem to be the favorite of many.

On the other hand, when choosing furniture, many tend to use things that bring life to the dull of the background. However, many designers have been providing new things lately, like combining and mixing different color pallets that go perfectly with the walls.


This new trend might be the comfiest one ever. Velvet chairs and sofas don’t only bring a chick yet elegant vibe to your interior decor but are also so comfortable you won’t be able to stand up from their softness.

Compact Living

More and more single apartments are being bought every day. Most of them lack enough space to boost your creativity. But this is not a problem anymore, designers have created furniture that can be modified and arranged in a way that makes it possible for you to take profit on all the space that you have.

Indoors Garden

Every room has accessories, and the favorite picks usually are plants. From a cute cactus to hanging foliage, these things can make your room glow up. It doesn’t matter what style you are using on your designing, there will always be a plant that will fill with life your spaces.

Follow these types of trendy ways on how to decorate interiors and you will surely come up with an impressive space where creating memories can be something truly remarkable.

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5 Beautiful Chairs to Level up Your Interiors

Each piece of a room is equally important. Details matter, it is always the little things the ones that give the important touches to the interior design of any place. Choosing what chair, you are going to use is as vital as anything, more if you care about making the best out of your rooms.

Chairs not only invite people to stay, to sit and rest and have a nice talk. They also work as a decor item, as they can provide your room with a colorful spark or simply equilibrate the colors. Choosing pretty yet comfortable chairs can be the difference between a bad taste decoration and an enviable one.

Here we will show you some of the most beautiful chairs that will certainly give your home the spark that it needs to be completely astonishing

Margot Arm Chair

Its neutral color and design make it look vintage, and this retro chair can be perfect for any room.

208 Armchair

This amazing piece has a sculptural design that works perfectly in minimalistic rooms or modern arrangements. The best part is that besides being this beautiful it is also comfortable and nice!

Adeline Upholstered Armchair

This peachy looking chair has an elegant design that can add a romantic vibe to any room. Use it and see how your interiors start to be more alive.

The Garden Room Chair

This chair has a Victorian style and form, yet its flourish design and colors give out a fresh look. This chair would make any living place an elegant and stylish one.

Mammoth Wing Chair

You won’t know either if you want to sit on the chair or simply hug it. This beautiful and fuzzy chair can bring an adorable and unique touch to your rooms. And it is cruelty-free so don’t worry about that!

These chairs are some of the options that you could consider when buying furniture for the room that you are designing. Take note and inspire yourself from these recommendations and we assure you that you will end up having an incredible place.

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